Technology that empowers

Egulen Jobs platform based on
Blockchain technology

Integration of blockchain technology with our Egulen Jobs platform can address many existing issues in the industry.

Why was there a need for Egulen Jobs platform?

It is an online recruitment solution developed based on the real needs of our business partners, and we believe that it is a "Unique solution we are working to introduce by implementing it with Blockchain ".


According to research, recruitment agencies charge 20-25 percent of an applicant's annual salary from the employer.

Finding the right candidate

48% of all employers are unable to find a suitable candidate.


Not only do employers spend a lot of money to find the right candidate for their company, but they also spend a lot of time checking the accuracy of information regarding the potential job applicant.

Market opportunities


Official number of employed citizens


Unofficial number of employed citizens or immigrant citizens, people who cannot work due to non-work visa, and workers who receive their salaries in cash

Blockchain technology

The use of blockchain technology in the labor market will make it easier for employers or organizations to hire employees through smart contracts.

Through the Egulen Jobs platform connected to blockchain technology, employers can easily find full-time employees as well as temporary, part-time employees. The use of blockchain technology: the distributed ledger and the smart contracts will ease and optimize the hiring process.

The Egulen Jobs platform creates job applicant profiles that verify the accuracy of information required on the platform, such as work history, work experience, education background, and professional certifications, to prevent further editing of the job history and entering false information.

What is blockchain technology?

{Simply put, a blockchain is a ledger that accurately and reliably distributes and stores transactions. It is not owned by a specific subject, but rather it is open and available to everyone, and with high information technology protection, it is the most suitable ledger in today's advanced information technology.}

Benefits of Blockchain technology
More reliable
As a member of a member-only network, you can use blockchain to receive timely and accurate information, and you can be sure that your confidential blockchain account will only be visible to you and network members who you have specifically granted access to.
More safe
Consensus on data accuracy of members of the network are required, and all verified and validated. Transactions are recorded permanently and cannot be changed, therefore immutable. No one, not even the system administrator, can delete a transaction.
The creation of a distributed ledger among network members eliminates time-consuming recording of data. It can also store smart contracts on blockchain and execute them automatically to speed up transactions.

How does

Blockchain technology work?

Each transaction is generated as a "block" of data

These transactions represent the movement of tangible (a product) or intangible (intellectual) assets. The data block can record the information you select: who, what, where, when, how much, and even the situation, such as the temperature at which the food is transported.

Each block creates a chain of block

These blocks form a chain containing data and information when assets are transferred from one to another or ownership. Blocks ensure the timing and sequence of transactions by securing the connection between blocks and preventing any changes to one block or inserting a new block between two connected blocks.

Each transaction is part of an irreversible chain: blockchain

Each new block registered in the chain strengthens the validation of the previous block, thereby strengthening the blockchain as a whole, and it is a key factor in the stability of the blockchain technology. It also eliminates the possibility of external intrusion and interference, and creates a transaction log database that you and other members of the network can fully trust.

Key elements of blockchain

Distributed ledger technology

All network participants have access to the ledger and its immutable records of transactions. With the help of this ledger, transactions are recorded only once, eliminating the issue of duplication effort of each transaction, an issue we see in traditional business networks.

Immutable records

No participant can change the transaction after registering it in the ledger. If an error is entered in the transaction log, a new transaction must be created to correct said error, and both transactions will be visible.

Smart Contract

To speed up the transaction, a "smart contract" is stored on the blockchain, and the execution of this contract is performed automatically so that all participants can be immediately certain of the outcome, without any intermediary’s involvement or time loss. It automates workflow, triggering the next action when contract conditions are met.

Blockchain technology solution

Reduce the process of recruitment by 50%

Avoid repeated verification of documents provided by job applicants

No requirement for any third parties (such as recruitment companies, agencies)

The job seeker is in control of their own profile display, meaning that they can choose who to share their profile to

Reduce costs by 50%

No more fake profiles

Information transparency

Verified job applications